Kiteman Productions has been applying this large elegant form of decorating & advertising since 1994.

  • UV Treated fabric
  • "No Hassle" Wrapped Graphite Poles
  • Free Standing Base Systems
  • Personal Customer Service
All Feather Banners, Poles and Accessories are designed & made in the United States.

These are a few reasons that make our Kiteman Feather Banners the best quality and best value for your money.

Custom Solid Color and Digital Print Event Banners

Banners can be customized with your message, logo, and color choice.

Solid Color Feather Banners™:

Now available in 73 colors! High quality banners made of U.S. Made DuPont Solar Max Nylon with UV protection. Solid colors can be custom made to match almost any color palette. Due to the hand made process for these banners we are not able to offer quantity pricing. We also have several banners in inventory see our banner guide for color choices.

These beautiful solid color Feather Banners™ are a great cost effective way to compliment your digital print Feather Banners™.

Solid Color Feather Banner™ Pricing:

16’ X 3.5’ Solid Color Banner = $190
13’ X 3’     Solid Color Banner = (inquire)
8’  X 2.5’   Solid Color Banner = (inquire)

Digital Print Feather Banners™:

Our Printed Feather Banners™ are the highest quality available in the market. Digitally Printed on polyester fabric that is elegant, flowing, durable, and show the image on both sides. Your artwork can contain any number of colors without additional cost.

The cost of printed Feather Banners™ is based on quantity and size.

16’ X 3.5’  |  1-3 banners = $292 ea
13’ X 3’     |  1-3 banners = $210 ea
8’  X 2.5’  |  1-3 banners = $125 ea

(larger quantities will reduce the cost of each banner ie: 13’ X 3’ | 20 banners = $157 ea) 

Feather Banner sizes

Contact Us for Custom Digital Print Feather Banners

We can answer your questions and provide you with custom solutions.

'No Hassle' Feather Banner Poles ~ NEW for 2016!

Kitman 'No Hassle' Wrapped Graphite Automatic Feather Banner Poles

Finally!  A pole that is light weight, strong that will not collapse and ASSEMBLES ITSELF! We have over 20 years of experience with telescopic poles and understand the challenges of keeping track of end caps and poles that collapse with temperature changes.

So, we worked with friends in California that make wrapped graphite to develop what we believe is the best pole in the market!  These wrapped graphite poles reflect the newest technology in pole design incorporating a layer of Kevlar in the bottom section for strength and a dual graphite/fiberglass top section for flexibility adding elegance to your Feather Banner on display.

Perhaps the most exciting development in this pole design is an internal bungee that connects all sections of the pole allowing you to simply ‘throw” all the sections and watch them assemble themselves into a complete pole that will not collapse.  Our existing customers will especially appreciate that there are “no loose parts to loose”.  They come with an attached Velcro to hold the sections together when transporting.
AND !!  Our new “No Hassle” poles come with a one year warranty!  These are the ONLY pole of it’s type in the market to offer a warranty of any kind.
Designed and made in the USA

Feather Banner Pole Pricing:

18.5’ (for our 3.5’ X 16’ Feather Banners)  = $140
15’ (for our 3’ X 13’ Feather Banners)  = $108
10’ (for our 2’ X 8’ Feather Banners)  = $95
GROUND RODS -$20 each  -For mounting into the ground.
Our new fiberglass ground rods have a protective copper cap and safety tape for visibility. 
Feather Banner Automatic Poles

Freestanding Base Systems ~ NEW for 2016!

for use with our Premium Feather Banners

Our Freestanding Base System has been used for years to give you the freedom to display our Feather Banners on a hardscape surface (parking lot, sidewalk, etc.) with the confidence of increased wind resistance and a clean look.  

Our new base system plate and threaded heavy duty aluminum rod are made with 1/4” thick industrial marine board with rust proof components.  We have also redesigned our sand bag weight system to now include two 50 lb. capacity sand bags with convenient handles for lifting.  These double Velcro closure bags accommodate a standard 50 lb. bag of “play sand” from your local hardware store for easy filling.  They also increase weight to 100 lbs. insuring wind stability.  

For indoor installation (convention centers & hotel lobbies) we offer a 15 lb. capacity sand bag with a center hole where the 100 lb. weight is not needed.
All components are made in the USA!

Pricing of Freestanding Base Systems –

Outdoor – with Two 50lb = 100 lbs capacity sand bags  ~ $120
Indoor – with One 20lb capacity sand bag  ~ $110

Many Banner Applications for Events

Contact us for Event Banner Sales and Rentals. Feather Banners™ in Orlando Florida.