One of a kind, world class kite shows and Feather Banners™

Kiteman Productions since 1993.

Feather Banner™ Sales and Rentals

Bruce commercially developed the Original Feather Banner  in 1994  when he first introduced this large elegant decorating and marketing banner to Walt Disney World at DownTown Disney. Since then many developments including the invention of the strongest highest quality "No-Hassle" Wrapped Graphite Poles on the market and custom display base systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Kiteman Feather Banners have graced many events. In the past 20 years Kiteman Productions has installed over 100,000 Feather Banners world wide. Kiteman Feather Banners and all Feather Banner Accessories are made in the United States.

Bruce's Kite Shop

Bruce has been a kite enthusiast for years. He was a manager of the Epcot Kite Department for Walt Disney World. Prior to that he was a partner at the Shooting Star Kite Show in Montreal, Canada and a buyer for kites & air toys from around the world for Shooting Star Imports.

If you would like to own one of Bruce's Favorite or Unique Kites visit the kite store.

Kiteman Productions has participated in events and shows all around the globe. 

One of our specialties include especially developed kite shows for the world's most famous theme parks including, Walt Disney World (EPCOT), Tokyo Disney Sea (9 years and going flying Kiteman Kites), Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Cruse Line, Universal Studios Florida, Japan and Spain, Sea World Florida, Cypress Gardens Florida and Hard Rock Park!

Premiere Kite Shows

Kiteman Productions has earned a reputation for it's one of a kind, especially developed kite shows for the world's most famous theme parks.

Specializing in “guaranteed” performances with or without wind, indoors or outdoors, daytime or nighttime, Kiteman Productions has also entertained at many large corporate events among them performances for the Utah Winter Olympic Torch Relay Ceremony in Orlando, The 40th Anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, The Ellen DeGenerous Show.

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Past & Present Clients:

~Walt Disney World (EPCOT)
~Tokyo Disneyland
~Disney Cruise Line
~Universal Studios Florida, Japan and Spain
~Sea World Florida
~Cypress Gardens Florida
~Hard Rock Park
~Utah Winter Olympic Torch Relay Ceremony in Orlando
~President of Tukrkmenistan
~The 40th Anniversary of the United Arab Emirates
~The Ellen DeGenerous Show
~The Tribeca Film Festival New York
~the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Doha Qatar
~Down Town Disney
~Marine Corps Marathon
~President Obama’s Speech at The Magic Kingdom
~the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C